Expedition #1 : Southwest


Before I left Arizona I spent two nights in Kofa wildlife refuge. The roads in were long and bumpy but the camping spots were incredible. It was very peaceful with coyotes howling in the night.

After driving a few miles off the main road and setting up camp, I biked several more miles over the mountain range and into the valley. It provided an incredible setting for sunset.

Above is the last we will see of that grain brought to you by the expired film. The blur effect on the right two images were done using a Lensbaby Muse. Below is a cell phone pic of Palm Canyon.

After I made it to the end point of the hike I took a break and waited for the light to change. Two older couples arrived shortly and both wives set up small chairs as their husbands scrambled over rocks and continued to explore. I spoke to one of the women who noticed my film camera and discovered she used to teach photography. Her husband tipped me off to this small cave-like lookout!

The 3 black and white photos on top are medium format Rollei RPX 25. The color photo below those was shot with 35mm Kodak ColorPlus 200.

“A photograph can show a physical image in which time is static, and a mirror can show a physical image in which time is dynamic, but I think what he saw on the mountain was another kind of image altogether which was not physical and did not exist in time at all.” – Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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