Expedition #1 : Southwest

Pioneertown and The Salton Sea

The top 3 images are from Pioneertown, located just northwest of Joshua Tree. In the first half of the 20th century an actor created this western styled town/movie set. Due to Covid this tourist attraction was basically empty when I went with all the shops being closed. Today it still serves as both an homage to the wild west and a functioning set for a variety of productions.

The 2 images at the bottom were taken during a brief stop along the west coast of the Salton Sea. The stank of dead fish was strong and I look forward to returning to explore the full perimeter.

The first 4 photos were taken with the little Pentax 110 on Lomochrome Peacock, a slide film. The last photo in the group was taken with the Pentax 6×7 and fisheye on Lomochrome Purple. All the images had some degree of rescue in Photoshop; both levels and colors have been corrected.

Galleta Meadows

I lack some critical gear for getting into astrophotography at the moment, but I will be practicing more as the weather warms. Use the slider below to compare two long exposures. The left half is a 15-ish minute exposure on 35mm film – Fuji Provia 100F. The right side is digital image with an exposure time of less than 1 minute .

This hike (Borrego Palm Canyon) was so nice I did it twice. I went back in the morning to catch sunset, and while the clouds were disappointing, these bighorn sheep were not.

Bighorn sheep on the 35mm slide film – Fuji Provia 100F. The medium format shot on bottom is Lomochrome purple.

San Diego

I was very lucky to shower and stay in a non-mobile home with two good friends from middle school. Human contact after several weeks was nice and I got a great tour of the area. Final images from the roll of slide film below.

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