Expedition #1 : Southwest

Above – 35mm Kodak 5231 Plus-X, original scans from the lab, no edits. This film has been discontinued and as a result it’s hard to find anymore. It’s ‘movie’ film, meaning it’s the same film stock they shot MANY movies throughout the 20th century on (Schindler’s list, Raging Bull) and it only came in 400 or 1000 foot mags. I was lucky enough to have one roll that was hand-rolled into a canister for still photography. I thought it appropriate to return this film back to the Hollywood sun.

Another friend from middle school gave me the LA tour. We attended not only grade school but also college together, where we both majored in Electronic Media. Nowadays I work on set of TV shows and movies and she’s editing the latest movie trailers, like Disney’s Cruella. We only had a weekend and Covid kept us mostly outside but it was the best visit I could have asked for. I now have a great outline of LA in my brain and will return again soon to fill in all the details. It felt good to be with an old friend celebrate our successes.

Below – 110 Lomography Peacock, adjusted in Photoshop, color and levels

Petrified National Forest

This was my last major stop before making my way back to Pennsylvania. The road through the park isn’t huge but I still did not budget enough time to hit all the stops. Check out the informative cell phone pic below along with two medium format Portra 160 images that I attempted to save in the Shop.

The first 5 photos above are digital taken with a Pentax 150-300mm lens and stuck aperture. The last photo in that bunch is a film photo shot on medium format Fuji Velvia 50 slide film.

Below left is a digital photo of Blue Mesa. Below right is an 35mm Kodak Plus-X image of petroglyphs, made thousands of years ago before we could capture moments via light and chemicals.

Final Thoughts

I want to thank everyone who helped make this trip possible. To those who housed and fed me, to those who expressed concern for my safety, and to those who followed along virtually for the ride, I very much appreciate you. I’d also like to give a huge shout out to Liam Anderson, who not only helped me secure some critical camera gear from Japan before I left on my trip but who also bailed me out numerous times on this trip. Your love and generosity is genuinely inspirational. Here’s the plug for his, dare I say, successful podcast. It’s quite entertaining and helped keep me sane on some long stretches of road.

This trip was the culmination of many things but also the start of a new way of living. I hope to embrace a nomadic life in an effort to continue exploring the infinite abyss. The rocks and trees that dot this earth change slowly, but just like us they are not forever. I hope to capture some of this fleeting life and bring it to others. I hope the images above move you and inspire you to do something, anything.

I don’t like to share film prints on the internet or with the world until I have the prints, have laid them out for review, and sleep on it. I like to curate the best because we’re so inundated with images these days. As a result my process for shooting and sharing is a slow one. Despite that, after this first trip and post I’ve identified a number of ways to smooth out the workflow so I can bring you better images more regularly. Future expeditions will have details posted on this site as I travel in hopes of having a more interactive experience.

Please reach out and let me know what you want to see! What parts of this post worked or did not work? Traveling was not cheap! The many gallons of gas and the unexpected spark plug blow out were the larger expenditures but the cost of film also adds up. Regardless, these expeditions are what I want to be doing. If I am going to be out in the world, please let me know what I might capture in my travels to make it worthwhile.

I have not added these images to the Shop yet. Once they are up the original prints from my trip will be available for purchase. If anything speaks to you reach out and we can get a custom print made for you. Thanks for lending me your eyes!

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