Tumble, Reach

We talk about moving forward as if it’s a choice. As if we are in control of our “progression”. To an extent perhaps, but when we have our problems being thrown at us and we speak of walking past them, when we talk about dodging the bullet, reaching for more, we’re only lying. I mean, if we were to look down we’d see we weren’t the ones walking at all. It’s more like we’re on a giant conveyor belt, and while we can hop from one belt to another, the forward motion, the dodging and reaching, it’s all due to an unstoppable force, this conveyor belt of time.

It doesn’t care what we have going on, how much we love or hate a moment, it keeps going. It helps numb the pain of our problems, it pulls us to a safe enough distance. After a while we’re far enough away that looking back at the problem doesn’t hurt, we can’t see all the details like we were once able to, we forget some things entirely, which is sad but it’s necessary. It keeps us moving.

Then you ask yourself, “What are we moving towards? This conveyor belt has done such a wonderful job keeping me going! Yesterdays problems are no longer an issue! But where exactly am I going again?”. You turn around and you don’t see much, you aren’t scared at first, until you finally understand. This wonderful, inevitable force that heals all wounds, it’s ironically wrapped up in all of your worst fears. It’s your end.

Taken with NEX-5n. January 7, 2013

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