A different kind of death

The head of security at a D.C venue, Josh Burdette, took his life a couple of weeks ago. I never held a conversation with him. Never even knew his name up until I found out of his passing. So why do I feel so strongly about a person I never truly knew? Well this person was associated with a huge number of my closest, most important memories in my life. I’ve frequented the 9:30 club a good bitt. Some of my favorite shows, with some of my best friends, were at these venues. I always pointed Josh out to friends. I felt like he was an old acquaintance. Any time I was at a venue, he’s the one I looked for. He made me feel safe, like I belonged, not because he had anything to do with security, but because he was a recognizable face. Seeing him around made me feel like, “Alright, I’m in the right place. Things are as they should be”. It brought about a subliminal comfort. It weaved a thread of similarity between my visits to these places. Each time I’d go the band would change, the people I went with would change, but he was always there. So, it’s an odd thing to feel this way about someone I never knew, but who was so closely connected to things that make up who I am.


Rest well.



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