Fall 2018 – Ektar 100

Ektar 100 is a low grain film from Kodak known for its vibrant colors. As 2018 began to wither and the leaves changed colors I loaded it into a new camera. This was the first roll of film I had developed from the Minolta Maxxum 5 my dad found at a flea market for $10. Very happy to see anything turned out at all!  All of the prints look much better than the jpeg scans below, sadly I do not have a negative scanner to do these prints justice.

All of the prints have a time stamp on them. Since this was the first roll in this camera I had no idea it was burning it into the negative. Let’s call it an artistic choice. There is ONE 4×6 print available for each of the images below. If you order one I’ll write a message for you on the back, think of it as a postcard from my eyeballs.

A Pretty Picture
A woman stares into a window front jewelry store. Buy the print HERE.
A Pretty Gruesome Picture
A deer decays outside an abandoned structure. Buy the print HERE.
A Pretty Grusome Picture
Close up of Decaying Deer. Buy the print HERE.
A Pretty Picture
Shipping containers. Buy the print HERE.

A Pretty Picture
A Russula and a berry sit in the fall brush. Buy the print HERE. [SOLD]

A Pretty Picture
Fractal Fall. Buy the print HERE. [SOLD]

A Pretty Picture
Part of an old farm on the grounds of the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital. In 1951 it generated 60,000 gallons of canned vegetables and fruit and over 60,000 pounds of pork. Buy the print HERE.

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