Flour on the Tracks

I find that despite how great a place is it becomes difficult to get inspired by it once you’ve been there for a bit. It takes some effort to seek out new things in something familiar. Whether it’s photographic opportunities in the town you live or a new adventure in an aged relationship. It’s something that takes conscious effort but is always rewarding.

I’m always looking for things to shoot, however, my creativity is seldom piqued. My partner in crime, Ali Brodbeck, helps out a great deal with that and gets me motivated. We came up with the idea, outfit, location, and even finished editing all in under two hours I think. The photos from the shoot are kind of a mess. Things weren’t centered or lined up properly, and shooting at ISO6400 certainly doesn’t make for a clean image. I’m happy with what we came out with though. Here’s to more impromptu shoots.

Taken with NEX-5N. July 31, 2014.

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