Ortho plus 80 & a Side of slide film

This post contains two very different films. The black and white image at the top of the page is a scan of 35mm Ilford Ortho Plus 80. The bottom image is 35mm Kodak Ektachrome 100. Both of these films have low ISO ratings (80 and 100 respectively).

Ilford re-released the Ortho film this past November, 2019. The Ilford Ortho film is an, ” Orthochromatic film for continuous tone copy work, B&W duplicating, alternative processes, creative portraiture and architectural photography.” (wikipedia). In addition this film is NOT sensitive to red light! The effect is that anything red in the image comes across DARKER than the other colors.

After a six year hiatus Kodak brought back Ektachrome. This film is color-reversal/slide film. With negative film you use C-41 processing, slide film is E-6. These processes use different chemicals. Slide film produces a positive image on the film strip which can then be used directly with a projector. With slide film you generally get less dynamic range when compared to similar negative film stocks. As you can see below, Ektachrome is quite punchy and saturated.

All of these images were shot on a Pentax ME. Despite some exposure issues throughout the roll, the camera did a great job metering and choosing the shutter speed. The camera is over 30 years old but a new battery has it shooting like new.

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