Tiny film

I have a tiny film camera. The Pentax Auto 110, introduced in 1978, is the world’s smallest interchangeable lens camera. One frame of 110 film is 13 mm × 17 mm. Due to it’s small size it’s not known for it’s high quality or ability to make large prints. Despite it’s subpar image quality, the camera is so small that it’s easy to always have on me. It’s size lends itself well to being sneaky!

Finding film for this camera can be tricky. Essentially one company still makes 110 film regularly, and that’s Lomography. I shot some color and was generally disappointed. The film used below is apparently the last batch of it’s kind. HERE is a little write up on the Fukkatsu 110 Film. It’s expired, and apparently the cartridges are wrong and tell the camera it’s 400 ISO film when in reality it’s 100.

Eventually I would like to purchase a negative scanner so I can processes and print more on my own. This film took a little longer than normal to develop because, as the lab explained, “When we were using our 110 equipment on a regular basis, there wasn’t any black and white film available in 110, so the equipment wasn’t designed to be able to scan it. We’re trying to figure out a decent way to make it retro-compatible.” This tiny film requires special attention and not many places will develop it at all anymore.

The images are scratchy and grainy, I searched for black and white film because I thought it would help to lean in and embrace these qualities. I look forward to taking this tiny spy camera with me into the great unknown.

20% of all money made from selling the prints below will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Looking North from SOHO in Manhattan. As part of my job I get to go up into tall buildings around the city. You can purchase the original 4×6 print HERE.

From a subway, on a foggy day. You can purchase the original 4×6 print HERE.

Building #1 and Building #2. You can purchase them together HERE.

A spiral staircase I can’t seem to remember. You can purchase this lapse in my memory HERE.

Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Bridge (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania) from a parking garage. Purchase HERE.

I mistakenly wore pants on this very hot day. Despite the sweat, I walked all the way out into this field to take a photo of a porta potty among the trees. You can own this artisanal, hand-crafted, porta potty on film image by clicking HERE. [SOLD OUT]

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