This post is dedicated to 3 rolls of 35mm film and the variables that lead to the demise of many frames and potential images.

The images below were taken all over the north east over the period of several months. From Acadia National Park, to Washington square park, across a bay to Fire Island and off into any number of forest.

I had two rolls of 35mm Kodak 5219 and one Fuji 8583. A friend of mine got her hands on a bunch of short ends from some movies and hand rolled them into still canisters. From there, I ran all rolls through my new-to-me Pentax MX. For development I sent them to someone a friend found on reddit. They actually moved across the country and set up a new lab in the middle of developing my film. All these variables mean that what good images did come out are nothing short of miracles.

A montage of lost frames
The new camera came with a winder that shoots 2fps!

I just can’t not photograph mushrooms.

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